Timber Flooring: A simple Guide

What is Timber Flooring? Timber floor is a sub-product of nature. It is also commonly referred to as a hardwood floor or timber flooring hence in the industry.

Timber Flooring


Timber floor is a composite product made from genuine timber grains to give an easy and warm feeling under your feet during the walk on it. Timber floor has the added advantage of being easy to maintain, cost-effective and Eco-friendly. Timber floor is more durable than carpets and wallpaper. You can easily clean real timber flooring options with your wet mop or dry mop without any hassle. The beauty and warmth will stay for a long time if you maintain the floor regularly through a timber floor sanding brisbane service.

Timber flooring is made by cutting, nailing, stitching, and sanding the planks together. The planks are then stained with water-resistant ink. Some planks may also contain tiny holes, which are perfectly placed to ensure that moisture does not enter through these holes and ruin the wood. Before the planks are coated with water-resistant ink, they are first treated with oil to make them softer. This oil prevents the planks from being damaged when they are used.

When you buy genuine wood floorings, you do not have to worry about checking the quality and condition of the wood for its rich quality and unique grain patterns. Timber flooring is sold in varying widths, sizes, and shapes. It is possible for you to select different planks in any room that you want. Timber floor can be used for flooring of the garage, dining room, hallway, or any part of the house.

There are some characteristics that define hardwood timber flooring, even though it is generally speaking known as a hardwood floor. Generally speaking, timber flooring can be identified by its consistent grain patterns and fine luster. Timber floor is generally used for the purpose of flooring garage because of its durability and strength. The lumber is generally considered softwood because it contains silica and latex. These two components make the wood flexible enough to be glued into place, but make it difficult to saw because of its rigid structure.

The process of installing real timber floors can be hazardous and should only be done by experienced professionals. Timber flooring is generally sealed using water-resistant resins before it is installed. The surface is then covered by a polyurethane coating. The top layer is generally made from wax or resin. You can also opt for a high gloss clear coat finish that makes your home look more appealing.