Fashion Designing: A Great Future Business

You want to become a fashion designer and ultimately design your own clothing line around your business. What are the steps you need to take to be a part of the fashion business you love?

Step 1. Take some fashion design and art classes. Read some books on fashion design. Search the Internet. Learn all you can about fashion design before taking the next step. Make sure this is what you want to do with your life.

Step 2. Get some hands-on experience, including at least one internship. Put together a portfolio of your work including pictures and drawings of what you have done. Organize your best work.

Step 3. Stay inspired. When you see a clothing design you love, cut out the picture. Coogi shirts are all the rage and may inspire you in your own work. Organize your favorites into a binder. There will be times the ideas won’t be flowing. This creative binder with its ideas will inspire you.

Step 4. Purchase a mannequin. Buy some fabric. Create your own masterpieces and give them as gifts to friends and relatives who appreciate your style.

Step 5. Keep abreast of the latest fashion news; this includes fashion designers, colors of the season; even what experts in fashion are predicting for the future.

Step 6. Put together a resume. Include your successes and experiences in the fashion industry.

Step 7. Never give up, even when the going gets tough and it will. Make a poster board with your ultimate dream and the steps needed to get there, written on it. Include pictures and words to encourage you to keep going. You will be a success before you know it.